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Quality and Dependability on Every Roofing Project Since 1996

When You’re Looking for a Professional Roofing Company to
Install a Metal or Shingle Roof or Repair Your Roof…..

Of the Hundreds of Contractors
In Athens Georgia and the Surrounding Communities
Only One Offers Its Customers a:

15-Year Worry Free Roofing Warranty Plus:

  1. Written Roofing Process Guide (so you know specifically what you are getting for your hard-earned dollars)
  2. 15 Years of Experience and Over 500 Metal and Shingle Roofs Installed
  3. 15+ Local References You Can Call
  4. Written Estimate with Price Guarantee for the Work Specified
  5. Our 15-Year Warranty on Labor/Installation is Twice what most companies offer
  6. Roofing Insurance (Ask us why this is SO Important for Homeowners)
  7. We Climb Up on EVERY Roof to provide the right solution without guesswork
  8. Written and Enforced Policy Prohibiting Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol by Our Crews
  9. And that’s just the beginning….

My name is Chris Lutz. I’m President of Athens Roofing, Inc. and I want to assure you that doing business with my company will be a very positive experience. We do something unique in our business….we eliminate most of the problems people traditionally have trying to hire, evaluate and work with a roofing contractor to install or repair metal roofs and shingle roofs.

I operate a family-owned business that has been installing and repairing roofs in the Athens Georgia area since 1996. We have built our reputation on honesty, integrity, reliability, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

15 Year Worry Free Roofing Warranty

For all complete re-roofing jobs, Athens Roofing will guarantee you fifteen years of worry free performance from your roof. If you ever have a problem such as a leak or loss of roofing materials, Athens Roofing will repair the problem free of charge. Just notify us immediately of any problems and we will promptly investigate and repair the problem as specified in the detailed terms and conditions.

It's that simple. Problem Solved.

Unlike many companies, we only do roofing. There are many remodeling companies and commercial roofing companies that do residential roofing as a sideline. Unfortunately, they don’t have the experience or training or focus to complete a proper installation for you. We typically complete more roofing projects for Athens area homeowners in a month than they do in a year.

If you need a new metal roof, shingle roof or roof repairs because of hail or storm damage you should know that it is possible for a project to be done right the first time without the hidden charges, hassles or poor quality that are all too commonly found in our industry.

We recognize that most people experience some concern while looking for and working with a contractor to install a new roof or repair your roof.

Here are 3 areas we recommend you consider in evaluating every roofing contractor you talk to:

  1. The Reputation and Business Stability of the Company
  2. Their Experience and Methodology
  3. Their Service Before, During and After Your Project

I encourage you to carefully review our site and then call us at for a complete copy of our consumer guide and step-by-step installation process prior to our meeting. If you’re worried about the cost to re-roof your house, this information will provide you with an advantage in evaluating, hiring and working with a professional roofing contractor.

I realize our industry is competitive and I appreciate this opportunity to earn your business. I realize what it takes to get your business, what it takes to give you the results you demand and what needs to be done to eliminate many of the common headaches and frustrations people have with roofing projects.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to answering your questions.


Athens Roofing
Chris Lutz

Chris Lutz - President

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